About Us

EVICT SOLUTIONS was founded by J.C. Register,  a Louisiana licensed real estate broker based in New Orleans.  He is also the sponsoring broker for Register Real Estate.  His years of experience owning and managing real estate investment portfolios led him to create a service for his clients who wish to evict a problem tenant but don’t have the time,  knowledge,  or energy to do so themselves.

“We really make it very easy.   After they enter and submit the necessary information on the website,  they are essentially done.  We take over from that point and initiate, process, and complete the eviction.  We take care of all the paperwork, pay all the filing fees, go to eviction court, etc.   We handle the eviction process from start to finish.” - J.C. Register

EVICT SOLUTIONS is your answer to non-paying and troublesome tenants.   No need to wait any longer.   Take back control of your property by starting an eviction TODAY!